Online Buzz: Practicing Tai Chi Can Lead to Many Health Benefits for Elders

Perhaps you've seen or participated in the slow, fluid body motions of tai chi (tie-chee). If so, you are one of 2.3 million Americans who practice this graceful martial art that originated in China and is shown to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance self-confidence, and elevate overall well-being. Of the many styles of tai chi, all involve gentle, relaxed flowing movements of one's arms, legs and torso. The low-impact, self-paced exercise puts minimal strain on muscles and joints, which makes tai chi particularly suitable for seniors. Tai chi focuses on posture and deep breathing and promotes calmness of body and mind.

Medical research finds that tai chi decreases joint pain and the risk of falling for older adults. Research also shows tai chi boosts the overall immune system and resistance to the shingles virus in the elderly. Funded in part by the National Institutes of Health, a 2011 study of chronic heart failure patients revealed tai chi also improved mood and daily activity. UCLA scientists also have confirmed that tai chi can effectively fight depression in later life.

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