Online Buzz: Grandparents Mending Fences

Mother, grandmother and child

Your granddaughter is eating too much sugar. Your grandson plays too wildly with the neighbor kids. So you tell your daughter about your concerns regarding the grandchildren's behavior. She takes offense to your child-rearing suggestions and cuts you off completely from seeing them. You'd like to repair the strained relationship, but fear overstepping your role in the upbringing of the grandchildren.

It's helpful to know that most grandparents face some delicate negotiations on how to stay active in their grandchildren's lives without overstepping parental boundaries.

Signs that a grandparent has crossed the grandchild-raising line with a son or daughter include volunteering to help too much, being too inquisitive about the grandkids, and doling out excessive parenting advice.

How can grandparents mend fences when they've meddled too much in the raising of grandchildren? Learn more in the Right at Home blog, where you will always find the latest information on family connections and home care.

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