Six Tips From Heart Health Experts That Might Surprise You

Does it matter what time of day we eat? Are e-cigarettes healthier for our hearts than the regular kind? These were just a few of the topics explored at the recent American Heart Associations Scientific Sessions.

10 Common Causes for Hospital Readmissions

Mom's going home from the hospital. How can her care team and family make sure she doesn't need to go back?

To Meet Your Life Goals, Focus on Your Health Goals

Many choices we make when we're younger can affect our health and well-being when we're older. Experts say focusing on our "bucket list" can keep us motivated.

Brain Health Infographic

Maintaining our memory and thinking skills is partly a matter of genes — but there are plenty of brain-friendly lifestyle choices we can make, too!

Brain Health and Sensory Health: A Two-Way Street

There's ample evidence that hearing loss and visual impairment raise one's risk of Alzheimer's disease. But is the opposite true? And what about our senses of smell, taste and touch?

American Heart Month Infographic

Here are things you should know — and discuss with your healthcare provider.

Helping Senior Loved Ones Manage Multiple Health Conditions

Remembering to take medications, go to health appointments and follow the doctor's orders can be challenging when a person has one health condition — and, say experts, 80 percent of today's seniors are dealing with many.

Spread the Word About Diabetic Eye Disease

Learn what people with diabetes can do to avoid a leading cause of vision loss.

Vaccines for Seniors Covered by Medicare

Some people think immunizations are only for kids. But seniors, too, are at higher risk of complications from a number of preventable diseases—and Medicare may pick up some or most of the tab.

"I'm Over 65 – What Shots Do I Need?"

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Spanish flu epidemic, a reminder that immunizations can protect us from a host of dangerous diseases.

Health Tips From a Father's Day Card

Father's Day cards often feature fishing, golf, grilling and beer. Play YOUR cards right and begin a conversation with Dad about ways to improve his health.

8 Ways to Protect Seniors From Head Injuries

We hear a lot today about head injuries among young athletes. But experts remind us that older adults are at highest risk of suffering brain damage from these injuries.

Genes, Lifestyle and the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

More people are taking a test to find out if they have the APOE4 gene, which raises the risk of Alzheimer's. Even if results show they're among the 25 percent of people who do, there's plenty of hope.

The Other Senior Weight Problem

Today we read so much about the many negative health effects of obesity. But for seniors, being underweight can be just as bad. Why do seniors experience unintended weight loss, and what can be done?

Helping Senior Loved Ones Expand Their Social Horizons

Older adults with health challenges may rely more and more on family for social connections. But this may not be ideal for your loved one or for you, say experts.

The CDC Tells Seniors: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!

Older adults who consume the recommended amount of produce have on average the memory and thinking skills of a person 11 years younger, says a team of neurologists.

Is "Broken Heart Syndrome" Real?

Cardiologist say that grieving a painful loss, such as the death of a spouse, might put a person at higher risk of certain heart problems.

A Time to Give and a Time to Give Thanks

The twin impulses of generosity and gratitude benefit our mental and even physical health. More good news: They both increase with age.

Connecting the Generations

Seniors suffer from a lack of engagement with younger people.

Arthritis and Tai Chi

This mind-body practice offers many benefits—but is it safe for people with joint pain?

How to Create an Emergency Health Information Checklist

If a health emergency strikes, you need up-to-date information about your health conditions, healthcare providers and more—at your fingertips.

Exercise Can Save Your Life. Can It Save You Money?

Experts crunch the data and find that physically active people spend less on healthcare, even if they're living with a health condition.

A Delicious Way to Improve Your Health

This year, studies continue to confirm the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Five Things We Think Are "Just a Part of Growing Older"—But May Not Be

If we assume certain symptoms are due merely to our advanced years, we might miss out on treatment that could protect our health

Managing High Blood Pressure With In-Home Care

Does your loved one have "white coat hypertension"? "Masked hypertension"? There are a lot of things to know when a senior has high blood pressure!

Online Buzz: Benefits of Art Therapy

Art is about a lot more than making a beautiful thing!

Women Less Likely to Recognize, Report Heart Attack Symptoms

In the past, cardiac research focused on male subjects. We now know that heart health issues may be different for the opposite sex.

Was "Drink Less Alcohol" on Your List of New Year’s Resolutions?

Did you know that seniors today consume more alcohol than their counterparts of previous generations? This can put their health at serious risk.

Protecting Senior Loved Ones From Air Pollution

Tiny particles in the air we breathe can damage our heart, lungs and brain. Older adults are at highest risk.

A High-Tech Reminder That Sneezes Spread Diseases

A team of physicists is studying the mechanism of coughing and sneezing. Check out the video!

Talking About Suicide With Senior Loved Ones

Older adults are at higher risk of suicide, and this age group also is the least likely to bring up the subject with family, friends or their doctor.

Pneumococcal Immunization: What Seniors and Caregivers Should Know

The CDC recommends two vaccines to protect people older than 65 from a serious infection that takes the lives of 18,000 seniors each year.

"I Have Arthritis. Is Yoga Right for Me?"

More Americans than ever are taking yoga classes. Is this a safe practice for people with painful joints?

Online Buzz: Medical Skepticism Over Brain Games

Brain games are a billion-dollar industry today. But do they really help us improve our memory and thinking?

Seven Stress-Busting Tips for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Providing care for a loved one with dementia can significantly raise the caregiver's risk of heart disease, depression, even dementia.

Online Buzz: Biomarkers Help Predict Illness

Today, sophisticated measurements make diagnosis and treatment of many health conditions more accurate than ever.

This Summer, Drink to Your Health!

Most of us know to take in more fluids during the warmer months. But does it matter what we drink? Nutritionists assure us that it does!

"Oh, My Aching Back!"

Modern life and growing older both put us at high risk of lower back pain.

One Change Can Help You Salvage Your Spring Diet

With every meal you prepare at home, you've been selecting healthy ingredients and counting calories. What went wrong?

March Is Deep Vein Thrombosis Month

Recovering from surgery, taking a long-distance plane trip and even obsessive video gaming can raise the risk of a dangerous condition.

Planning Ahead for Oral Health

Advances in dental care allow seniors to keep their teeth longer, but the cost should be considered during retirement planning.

Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers Ask: "Am I at Risk?"

Families often are confused about whether a loved one's Alzheimer’s disease is "in the genes."

Small Steps Add Up for Senior Fitness

If exercise is on your list of New Year's resolutions, read about studies released in 2015 that offer encouraging news.

Darker Days May Bring Depression

After the holidays, it's common to feel a bit of a letdown. But a persistent sense of sadness may signal the need to talk to the healthcare provider.

It's Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot

December 6–12 is National Influenza Vaccination Week. Protecting yourself from the flu also lowers the risk for vulnerable elder loved ones.

You're Never Too Old to Kick the Habit

Today's seniors grew up in the Mad Men era, when smoking was socially acceptable and even considered healthy. How can older smokers overcome a habit of many decades?

Online Buzz: The Overall Benefits of Dance

Dancing offers physical, mental and social benefits, which makes it a great form of brain exercise.

Ten Healthy Ways to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Grandparents and grandchildren influence each other's physical and emotional well-being in many powerful ways.

Diverse group of seniors bowling

Preparing for a Nation of Older Brains

How are seniors and society affected by normal age-related changes of memory and thinking?

Five Brain Health Reminders for Family Caregivers

Family caregivers do so much for their loved ones that they sometimes neglect their own health—and that could put them at higher risk for Alzheimer's disease.

The CDC Urges Baby Boomers to Be Tested for Hepatitis C

Americans who have just reached or are approaching their senior years are at highest risk of this potentially deadly disease.

In-Home Care Supports Active Independence for Seniors

It's a paradox: Exercise is important for managing health conditions, yet chronic illness and adverse health events make it hard to be physically active.

Overdoing the Retirement Toasts

A new study finds that some seniors turn to alcohol after leaving the workplace.

March Is Brain Injury Awareness Month

The risk of traumatic brain injury (TBI) increases as we grow older. How can we prevent these potentially catastrophic events?

Talk to Your Doctor About Home Blood Pressure Monitors, Drugstore Kiosks

Used improperly, these devices can produce misleading numbers.

Is Gluttony the Real Culprit in Our National Obesity Epidemic?

If you're like many of us, November and December bring an unwanted holiday gift: a few extra pounds that show up when we step on the scale in January! Maybe you even got a head start by finishing off the leftover Halloween candy?

November Is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Earlier this year, the healthcare advocacy group Research!America polled a diverse group of people across the U.S. regarding their fears about various diseases and ailments. Many of the people polled said that blindness would be the worst health problem that could happen to them, even more so than Alzheimer's disease, cancer, or the loss of hearing or speech.

Driving When You Are Taking Medications

Some of the physical and mental changes of aging can affect our driving abilities. It's important to know that medications seniors take also can make it unsafe to drive. What should you know before you pick up the car keys and pick up your next prescription?

Protect Senior Loved Ones From Tick-Borne Illness

This is the time of year when we get outside more. The fresh air, exercise and natural surroundings provide a real health boost! But this also is the season when people are more likely to contract an illness from the bite of a tick.

Smile Your Stress Away

An earlier issue of Caring Right at Home examined the many healthy aging benefits of humor and laughter. Numerous studies reveal that laughing promotes physical, emotional, intellectual and social well-being. Now, an intriguing new study from the University of Kansas suggests that laughter’s more subdued cousin, the smile, also may offer health benefits—even if you are only faking that grin!

Online Buzz: Benefits of Acupuncture

When some people hear the word "acupuncture," they immediately cringe in fear, while others applaud the alternative or supplemental medical treatment. Considered a part of traditional Chinese medicine practiced in Asian countries for nearly 2,000 years, acupuncture involves inserting extremely thin, solid metallic needles into key acupuncture points in the body. Acupuncture practitioners believe this helps correct imbalances in chi (CHEE), or natural energy flow in a person’s body, helping every part of the body work in harmony.