Infographic: Health Tips for Super Bowl LIV

While the teams battle it out on the field, score some points of your own with these tips!

Parents Urge Grandparents to Avoid Holiday Toy Overload

Parents today may not appreciate those piles of holiday gifts for the kids, as many grandparents today are discovering.

Seven Great Holiday Gifts for the Family Caregivers in Your Life

Forget the slippers or necktie — here are some things caregivers can really use!

A Time to Give and a Time to Give Thanks

The twin impulses of generosity and gratitude benefit our mental and even physical health. More good news: They both increase with age.

A Senior-Savvy Police Force

Gerontologists urge law enforcement agencies to improve encounters with older adults.

Hosting the Holidays When Your Loved One Has Alzheimer’s Disease

You've always held a holiday party at your house, but now Mom has been diagnosed with dementia. Should you skip it this year?

Happy New Year, Happier Older Years

Put a few items on your list of New Year's resolutions that will benefit you well beyond 2016.

When You Can't Be Home for the Holidays

If it's not possible to celebrate with your elderly parents, here are some ways to make their day as special as possible.

Make Fire Prevention a Holiday Tradition

As you brighten the winter months with candles, lights and greenery, be sure to take a few safety precautions.

Ten Tips for a More Meaningful, Healthy Thanksgiving

If you would be thankful for a little less stress, it might be time for some new traditions.

Having the Talk About Home Care

Professional in-home care agencies report an uptick in information calls in early January. The reason? The holidays are the time when out-of-town relatives are most likely to visit their elderly loved ones—and to realize that these seniors need help!

10 Healthy Aging Tips for Santa

Dear Santa,

We know that at this time of year, your mailbox at the North Pole is overflowing! But we hope you'll take time to read our wish list for you—the gift of healthy lifestyle choices. We're making our list and checking it twice to find ways for you to stay active and engaged for years to come!

Is Gluttony the Real Culprit in Our National Obesity Epidemic?

If you're like many of us, November and December bring an unwanted holiday gift: a few extra pounds that show up when we step on the scale in January! Maybe you even got a head start by finishing off the leftover Halloween candy?

Berry Power!

Berry shortcake is a Fourth of July favorite. Did you know these delicious little fruits are full of health-protective nutrients?

Airport Security Screening Tips for Senior Travelers

acation season is here! Are you traveling by plane this summer?  Here is some information to ensure that security screening goes smoothly for older adults with disabilities and medical conditions.